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6 Ways to Become a Social Media Power User

Become a Power UserEverybody is using some form of social media these days.  But how many are getting a return on the time invested?  How many are social media power-users?  Here’s six steps to getting the most our of social media.

At a recent training session, I reviewed my Facebook newsfeed with with the class.  Several remarked later how cumbersome the newsfeed appeared with my having to sort through so many commercials.  With over 880 friends and over 100 Pages, it’s hard to keep my  newsfeed in balance and readable. Every month or so, I go through and delete some pages, and yes … I hide some friends … I have to keep the newsfeed manageable because  I don’t want to miss the good stuff. What’s the “good stuff?”  The posts from the people I care about most. Read more »