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How Do I Get More LIKES on My Facebook Page?

How can get people to find and LIKE my Facebook Page? How do I build a Facebook fan base? How does a Facebook Page help my business anyway? These are the three questions I consistently get asked about Facebook. Before getting to some of the answers, let’s cover a few basics. Read more »


5 DOs and Don’ts of Facebook Pages

Facebook PagesYesterday, I noticed two thirds of the posts on my Facebook Newsfeed were from PAGES not profiles. Some pages had posted 3 to 7 times that day alone. The posts ranged from direct marketing (new promotion, special offer, we’re great) to arbitrary posts with links and videos attached.

Today I noticed a PAGE had a third party application called FeedBlitz attached to its PAGE where entire blog posts were fed into the Facebook PAGE status.  I got three today – combined word count – 1234 from those three posts.

I fear there’s some trainer out there saying, “Shove content at people any way you can – Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn.  In fact, hook them all together with one application to really maximize the power.”  They’re maximizing power, all right.  But it won’t reflect well on those shoving the content.

It’s so annoying. As a Facebook user and as a writer, I get that PAGES can assist an overall marketing plan and help businesses and organizations, but if you annoy potential customers / members, and force them to hide you or unlike your PAGE, what’s the point?

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