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Farming Out Your Social Media – Don’t Do It!

Dislike ButtonPaying someone to tweet and post for you is like paying someone to socialize for you … like sending a staffer to a business mixer and having her wear your name tag and talk in your voice. Who wants to talk to an impersonator?  Surrogate communicators would be ignored in face to face communication … and … no surprise … they are ignored on social media platforms.

In my full time government job, I converse daily with business owners, non-profit directors and elected officials.  They all know they must incorporate social media efforts in order to compete, but many figure it’s a job they can farm out to staff. Read more »


Two-Faced Book – Having Two Profiles

Two-Faced Book - Having Two ProfilesSimply put … No – you should not have two Facebook Profiles!

I have seen many people try to do this, and never seen one person do both successfully.

MY PREMISE:  The benefit of using Facebook for business is networking, not marketing.

Lots of folks disagree with me here, so please understand this is the platform from which I speak.  Direct marketing with social media – i.e. trying to advertise or sell services through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – rarely works.  Usually it offends people and they defriend, hide, unfollow or disconnect.  Trying to sell directly on social media platforms is similar to doing the same at any other face-to-face networking event.  It’s offensive.  People didn’t come to the event to become your customer. Read more »