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February 3, 2013

Facebook Fan Page Success – Keep Those Fans Talking


With recent changes made to the Facebook algorithms people have been noticing that not all their friends see their posts – and likewise we don’t see all the things our friends post anymore.  This is especially true of PAGES.

One thing that pushes your posts to into more and more Newsfeeds is conversation and commenting on the post.  When you first post a status, perhaps only 25% of your friends will see it. But as it acquires comments, Facebook pushes it out to more and more newsfeeds.  So commenting is key.

4 Tips for getting more comments:

  1. Post something that everyone can relate to in his or her life – a short anecdote about something funny that happened to you, or strange or frustrating.  Something that will cause a reader to think “I feel the same way” or “That happens to me too.”  People like to talk about what they can relate to.
  2. Post one picture (an original photograph) of something interesting to your friends. Think about what YOU would like to see posted.  Stay away from kids and pets unless the photo really tells a story.
  3. Post a family recipe or write a few sentences about a restaurant you like.  Make it personal and preferably a restaurant other people will like or have opinions on.
  4. Talk about love, hate, sex, money, politics or religion.  (be careful)


4 Actions that will NOT get you comments:

  1. Talking only about yourself.  “I just did this and then I did that.  And wow was it fun.”
  2. Post regurgitated funny pictures, political pictures, cartoons
  3. Write a status that is longer than three lines.
  4. Post marketing copy – selling your stuff – promoting your business.

Of course, those of us in business want to post about special things we have going on – new products, services, special deals.  But do it sparingly and don’t expect a lot of comments.  These type posts should be only about 10% of your total posts.  The key to being successful is to remember that the whole process is SOCIAL.  You behave and interact as you would at a party.  Post what others want to see and read.

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