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Moving Forward

Are Facebook and Twitter Moving You Forward?

Where’s the Value in Facebook and Twitter?

Marketing genius, Chris Brogan states today in his blog post Is It Moving You Forward that Facebook and Twitter aren’t helping him in his successful marketing career.  He further states that blogging and email marketing are generating results.  He asks the question …..”Is this moving YOU forward?” Read more »


Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your LinkedIn Connections

You Are DumpedControlling the visibility of your connections is an option LinkedIn offers. I discovered this when I scanned the connections of an existing LinkedIn contact and found them hidden, except for the few connections we shared.

Why would I be scanning this guy’s connections?  For new connections, of course. Scanning someone’s connections is like going to a networking event at his home or office.

The reverse is true when someone scans your connections; you’re inviting them into your social world – in LinkedIn’s case – your professional world.  That’s what social media platforms are all about – connecting through others.


So hiding your connections from your LinkedIn contacts is the equivalent of inviting your friends to a networking event, but telling them to sit in a closed room where they can only talk to people that you both know.  Who needs that? Read more »