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Stealing and Distorting Content for Your Blog

One of the most frequently asked questions in my social media training sessions is, “What constitutes stealing content?” It’s simple … taking what isn’t yours and passing it off as yours. Actually, it’s a little more complex than that – and I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY, but I can help you with a few broad tips about how craft your own content after gathering research on the Internet.

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This social media is sapping my time

5 tips for Getting the Most Out of Social Media

You will never find enough time for social media if you don’t see the value in using it.  See How to Find the Time for Social Media for more on recognizing the value. Since I see value, I carve out time for social media, but have also found ways to snatch snippets of time most people throw away.  I also use some tools that maximize the power of social media.  Here are five tips on using time wisely and taking a few shortcuts. Read more

Clock at Clerys - Dublin

How to Find the Time for Social Media?

One of the top three questions I’m asked about using social media platforms is, “How do you find the time.”  I always answer by saying, “We all have the same amount of time. I find value in using social media.  If you found value, you’d make the time?”  Of course, I’m writing this blog post at 6:37 am, and I’ve been at my desk since 5:00 am.  I have to attend to social media and correspondence (email) before I start my day job, which many of you know involves getting on the road to visit clients in the “field” known as the Eastern Shore. Read more »