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Facebook Defriend

Facebook Dumps Fakes and Spammers

I recently heard a seminar speaker say, “Facebook is dead.  People are leaving in droves.”   This particular speaker also said that she used Facebook exclusively to promote her blogs and writing.  I can vouch for her being a successful blogger – one who taught me a thing or two – and someone I like and enjoy talking to.  But there’s been a problem growing on Facebook.  There’s a steady group growing – a group of Facebook users who collect Facebook’s limit of 5000 friends and then became a “one topic poster” – the topic being – them, or their business.  These people are only interested in Facebook’s ability to directly market their content.  PERIOD.

To me – it’s SPAM.  Read more

Facebook Pages

How Do I Get More LIKES on My Facebook Page?

How can get people to find and LIKE my Facebook Page? How do I build a Facebook fan base? How does a Facebook Page help my business anyway? These are the three questions I consistently get asked about Facebook. Before getting to some of the answers, let’s cover a few basics. Read more »

Why Most Powerpoint Presentations Suck

5 tips for PowerPoints the Don’t Suck

Last week I spent hours pouring through 388 pages of Rick Altman’s 2nd edition of Wy Most Powerpoint Presentations Suck: and How You Can Make Them Even Better.  I cried heavily, the sad truth revealed.  My presentations suck.  I was guilty of too much text, too many bullets, reading from my slides, bad design templates and inadequate font size.  Thank God I didn’t suffer from the scourge of animation .. I’ve always hated Powerpoints with animation. Read more »


3 Questions to Ask a Social Media Expert

Social Media ExpertSocial Media Experts have no credibility if they can’t get some measurable result using social media themselves.

I found two blog posts this morning on how to evaluate someone’s claim to be a social media expert.  One post was by Chris Kieff – a widely followed blogger and another (rebutting Chris Kieff’s post) was by Danny Brown.  In my opinion, both these talented guys missed the number one qualifier in evaluating a social media expert.   —> Getting Results.

You can’t evaluate a social media expert without examining his or her results using social media – any more than you can evaluate a carpenter without looking at a product he made that demonstrates his carpentry skills.

To evaluate a Social Media Expert, ask the expert these three questions:

  1. What results have you attained that equate to revenue? Anyone can rack up friends, followers and connections.  What have you done with those connections that led to money in the bank? Read more »