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Facebook Friends List

Posting to Specific Friends – Using Facebook Lists

Have you ever wished you could post a status that would only get read by a certain group of friends – perhaps work colleagues, or people in a certain geographic area?

Have you ever wished you could post a status that would only get read by a certain group of friends – perhaps work colleagues, or people in a certain geographic area?

Have you ever wanted to post a photo that you didn’t want all your Facebook friends to find in their Newsfeeds?


Why Most Powerpoint Presentations Suck

5 tips for PowerPoints the Don’t Suck

Last week I spent hours pouring through 388 pages of Rick Altman’s 2nd edition of Wy Most Powerpoint Presentations Suck: and How You Can Make Them Even Better.  I cried heavily, the sad truth revealed.  My presentations suck.  I was guilty of too much text, too many bullets, reading from my slides, bad design templates and inadequate font size.  Thank God I didn’t suffer from the scourge of animation .. I’ve always hated Powerpoints with animation. Read more »


5 Facebook Tips for Writers

I have over 211 Facebook friends who are travel writers, bloggers, published authors or journalists.  I have personally met only 56 of them – most only once or twice at a writers conference or social media seminar where I presented.   Out of the 211 Facebook friends, I would call about 30 personal friends – or people I would miss if they weren’t in my life.

If any one of these 30 writers asked me to spread the word about a new publication, or highlight an event, or help with making some connections – I would do my best, and be happy to help.  I am a strong connection for these folks – as they are for me.  The relationship with 26 of these 30 friends was developed and strengthened through Facebook – in some cases, Facebook is the ONLY platform used to develop the friendship. Read more »


3 Questions to Ask a Social Media Expert

Social Media ExpertSocial Media Experts have no credibility if they can’t get some measurable result using social media themselves.

I found two blog posts this morning on how to evaluate someone’s claim to be a social media expert.  One post was by Chris Kieff – a widely followed blogger and another (rebutting Chris Kieff’s post) was by Danny Brown.  In my opinion, both these talented guys missed the number one qualifier in evaluating a social media expert.   —> Getting Results.

You can’t evaluate a social media expert without examining his or her results using social media – any more than you can evaluate a carpenter without looking at a product he made that demonstrates his carpentry skills.

To evaluate a Social Media Expert, ask the expert these three questions:

  1. What results have you attained that equate to revenue? Anyone can rack up friends, followers and connections.  What have you done with those connections that led to money in the bank? Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your LinkedIn Connections

You Are DumpedControlling the visibility of your connections is an option LinkedIn offers. I discovered this when I scanned the connections of an existing LinkedIn contact and found them hidden, except for the few connections we shared.

Why would I be scanning this guy’s connections?  For new connections, of course. Scanning someone’s connections is like going to a networking event at his home or office.

The reverse is true when someone scans your connections; you’re inviting them into your social world – in LinkedIn’s case – your professional world.  That’s what social media platforms are all about – connecting through others.


So hiding your connections from your LinkedIn contacts is the equivalent of inviting your friends to a networking event, but telling them to sit in a closed room where they can only talk to people that you both know.  Who needs that? Read more »


6 Ways to Become a Social Media Power User

Become a Power UserEverybody is using some form of social media these days.  But how many are getting a return on the time invested?  How many are social media power-users?  Here’s six steps to getting the most our of social media.

At a recent training session, I reviewed my Facebook newsfeed with with the class.  Several remarked later how cumbersome the newsfeed appeared with my having to sort through so many commercials.  With over 880 friends and over 100 Pages, it’s hard to keep my  newsfeed in balance and readable. Every month or so, I go through and delete some pages, and yes … I hide some friends … I have to keep the newsfeed manageable because  I don’t want to miss the good stuff. What’s the “good stuff?”  The posts from the people I care about most. Read more »


Farming Out Your Social Media – Don’t Do It!

Dislike ButtonPaying someone to tweet and post for you is like paying someone to socialize for you … like sending a staffer to a business mixer and having her wear your name tag and talk in your voice. Who wants to talk to an impersonator?  Surrogate communicators would be ignored in face to face communication … and … no surprise … they are ignored on social media platforms.

In my full time government job, I converse daily with business owners, non-profit directors and elected officials.  They all know they must incorporate social media efforts in order to compete, but many figure it’s a job they can farm out to staff. Read more »


Two-Faced Book – Having Two Profiles

Two-Faced Book - Having Two ProfilesSimply put … No – you should not have two Facebook Profiles!

I have seen many people try to do this, and never seen one person do both successfully.

MY PREMISE:  The benefit of using Facebook for business is networking, not marketing.

Lots of folks disagree with me here, so please understand this is the platform from which I speak.  Direct marketing with social media – i.e. trying to advertise or sell services through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – rarely works.  Usually it offends people and they defriend, hide, unfollow or disconnect.  Trying to sell directly on social media platforms is similar to doing the same at any other face-to-face networking event.  It’s offensive.  People didn’t come to the event to become your customer. Read more »


Sterile Friend Requests = Impotent Friendships

Sterile Friend Requests = Impotent RelationshipsI’m amazed at how many friend requests I get from senders I’ve never met, with no note or introduction . Just a blank request – no “hi” or “hey we have mutual interests” … just a blank request. Receiving one of these is like having someone come up to you at a business meeting or mixer, hand you her business card – then walk away. It’s not just impersonal, it borders on being rude.

I know that 90% of the people who do this, don’t realize how it feels to be on the receiving end of a sterile friend request. This is because most of those same people don’t know how to be a Facebook friend yet. And the majority of people trying to use Facebook to grow a business don’t understand that BEING a good friend is the first step to having friends that will help you advance. Read more »