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February 29, 2012


5 Ways Introverts Can Use Facebook

Facebook for Interverts

In 1960, Isabel Myers, of the Myers-Briggs Corporation stated that about 25% of all people were introverts. She was estimating based on a gut feeling.  Later, Myers-Briggs did an actual study that concluded the percentage, in the US population was 50.7%.  With some industry sectors like Writing and Editing, the percentage soared to 90%.

Introvert business owners struggle with how to use Facebook, the largest and most robust social media platform. They know it’s being implemented in marketing strategies everywhere, but they often find it intimidating, and cluttered with useless cartoons, political rhetoric and mundane news like “what’s for dinner.”

What’s an introvert to do?

Here are five ways Introverts can leverage the power of Facebook.

  1. Make a sincere comment – The real power in Facebook is networking.  Introverts can network virtually just like they network in real life – they listen, and comment when they have something of value to offer.  Read through the newsfeed and make a thoughtful comment where appropriate.  It doesn’t have to be about business.  It can be a compliment about a photo posted of a new baby, a “hope you feel better soon” comment for a friend who is ill.  Showing sincere personal concern is a good bonding process.  It lets others know you care.
  2. Share a link that may be valuable to others – Sharing valuable information is a great way to connect.  When you come across a great link, share it on Facebook.  Be sure to introduce it with a personal phrase about why you found it useful.
  3. Use the LIKE button thoughtfully – If you haven’t connected with a Facebook friend in awhile watch his or her statuses in the newsfeed and hit the LIKE button when you deem it appropriate.  This is a small gesture, but it tells someone you noticed their post, and you care.  Don’t overdue.
  4. Hit the SHARE button – If one of your Facebook friends shares a photo or link that you feel would be of value to your friends, hit the SHARE button and give a short sentence about why you liked the post or link.  This also gives person who shared it with you a connection to your network.  He or she will appreciate that.
  5. Ask for a suggestion – Don’t be afraid to ask for a suggestion from your Facebook friends.   It can be business related – “Who knows a good accountant?” or personal “Does anyone have a suggestion for a good camera?” Engaging others is what Facebook is all about. People love to help.

Don’t be afraid to be social.  Many people see the nonsensical fluff on Facebook, and figure the only alternative to fluff is business marketing content.  Not true.  Facebook is a social platform.  Imagine you’re at a business “after hours” mixer.  The friend that only talks about himself and rams his marketing jargon down the throats of anyone who’ll listed is a bore.  These events are for making connections, learning from others and being seen.  You talk about business, of course.  But the focus at these events on connecting with key people.

Facebook is an effective platform for virtual networking, making connections and building relationships.  Introverts, because of their key observation skills, and thoughtful listening abilities, can be among Facebook’s best users and networkers.



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  1. Feb 29 2012

    Very helpful article. Not only do introverts have difficulty visualizing themselves on FB but for many of us, learning to use social media is a challenge that requires much practice. I appreciate all the help in this area that I can get. Thanks a million.

    • Mar 3 2012

      Glad you found it helpful, Rodger. I think introverts are some of the best users of Social Media – especially on Facebook. Probably because they’re such good listeners.. and they wait until they have something worthwhile to say. 🙂

  2. Shirley Cline
    Mar 3 2012

    I have so enjoyed following up on your suggestions this last week. Thanks forputting my learning curve into overdrive!

    • Mar 3 2012

      Glad I could be of some help, Shirley. Good luck on rounding that curve .. it’s not so bad, really. mb

  3. Debb Anderson
    Mar 24 2012

    Exactly, a mix of self and business and a kindred word of connection between ourselves and others!! Kudos !

  4. Faye Green
    Jul 12 2012

    Mindie, Busy Hag!! I followed your suggestion and went to Melanie Rigney will be very helpful to me. Excited again about my book. The short piece (28 pa ges), Boy on the Wall on, has done amazingly well. The feed back has been encouraging. As we know, Ireland is an amazing setting for creating. Have you read it yet? I look forward to your comments. Also hoping we can meet soon for lunch and talk. I live in Middletown, DE. Let me know when you are within my radius. Do you remember me? We met at Delmarva Christian Writers Fellowship. Faye

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